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2023 SRT Professional Training Program

  • Starts May 10
  • 900 Hong Kong dollars
  • 93 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Available spots

Service Description

The Professional Training classes are designed to focus more deeply on clearing topics. The teacher will demonstrate on students and share experience of clearing these topics for clients. Students will receive PPT handouts of questions and procedures to use for effective clearing, and will receive recording after the class. Successful completion of the entire series (a total of 12 sessions) will be awarded a certificate. 📌 Time: 7 pm - 10 pm Venue: Zoom Meeting (Zoom recording included for all participants) Teacher: Shirlyn Wright Language: English and Translate in Cantonese Fee : HK$900/per class Enrollment requirement: Participants must have completed the Advanced Class of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Remarks : - Take 6 classes or more to receive 1 set (4 pcs) of Creative Power Symbol pillows. - Take all 12 classes to receive 2 sets (8 pcs) of Creative Power Symbol pillows <<SRT專業培訓計劃>>旨在更深入地就不同的主題進行有效清理。老師會向學生進行示範,並分享清理有關主題的個案。參加者將獲得講義的內容及應用流程,並在課堂後收到錄音/影檔案 。成功完成整個系列課程(共12節)將獲頒發證書。 📌 時間: 晚上7時至10時 地點: Zoom視象會議 (課堂後提供Zoom 錄音檔案) 導師: Shirlyn Wright 語言: 英語及粵語翻譯 費用:每節課程為港幣 $ 900 報讀資格 : 此課程僅開放給已完成SRT進階課程的學員。 備註: - 報讀 6 節或以上課程可獲得 1 套(4 個) Creative Power Symbol 枕頭。 - 報讀 12 節課程可獲得 2 套(8 個) Creative Power Symbol 枕頭。 日期&清理主題 (Dates & Clearing Topics): 💡 January 11, 2023 (Wednesday) 如何清理以加深對 星座命盤和解讀 的靈性理解 How to Clear to Deepen your Spiritual Understanding of Astrological Charts and Readings 💡 February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) <updated> 美麗、年齡、活力和容光煥發 Beauty, Age, Vitality and Radiant Energy 💡 March 8, 2023 (Wednesday) 創業和企業管理 Starting and Managing a Business 💡 April 12, 2023 (Wednesday) 領導能力:清理以增強意識和潛意識的邏輯思維、推理、理解和分析 Leadership Capabilities: Clearing to Enhance Conscious and Subconscious L 💡 May 10, 2023 (Wednesday) 脈輪/經絡/EFT 情緒釋放技巧 Chakras/Meridians/EFT 💡 June 14, 2023 (Wednesday) 親密與性 Intimacy and Sex 💡 July 12, 2023 (Wednesday) 從悲傷到幸福到滿足 Grief to Happiness to Contentment 💡 August 9, 2023 (Wednesday) 如何清理以加深對 算命/塔羅牌解讀 的靈性理解 How to Clear to Deepen your Spiritual Understanding of Psychic and Tarot Readings 💡 September 13, 2023 (Wednesday) 健康體格和免疫系統的阻礙 Blocks to Physical Fitness and Healthy Immune System 💡 October 11, 2023 (Wednesday) 建立友誼和人際關係網絡 Creating Friendships and A People Network 💡 November 8, 2023 (Wednesday) 掌管你的思想/情緒 Mastering Your Mind/Emotions 💡 December 13, 2023 (Wednesday) 如何清理以加深對 性格評估測試 的靈性理解 How to Clear to Deepen your Spiritual Understanding of Personality Assessment Tests

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  • 93 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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