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Divine Consciousness Chakra 神聖意識脈輪

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  • 4,200 Hong Kong dollars
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【神聖意識脈輪: 25 個主要脈輪的寶石色彩振動治療 (I) 】 你有曾想過:你的脈輪儲存了什麼記憶?哪個脈輪需要被療癒,以解答有關「人生大事」的問題?哪個脈輪為你發掘無限喜悅和可能性? 哪個脈輪能賦予你力量克服當前困境? 哪個脈輪可以給你靈感,讓你明白來到地球的目的? 神聖意識脈輪是由 Shirlyn Wright 創立的靈性療癒系統,專注人體中振動的 25 個主要脈輪。 影片(請按CC打開中文字幕): 在本課程中,你將學習到以下內容: ✨ 25個主要脈輪的位置和目的,以及與每個脈輪對應的符號 ✨ 可以療癒和提升脈輪振動的顏色、寶石和符號 ✨ 如何為客戶和自己打造具有療癒和平衡效果的寶石佈局 (適用於身體和靈性層面) ✨ 如何使用《內在輪》來理解限制或平衡脈輪的能量 每位參加者將獲得: ✷ 有關 25 個脈輪和身體位置的講義 ✷ 與你出生星期對應的寶石能量水 ✷ 神秘水晶/寶石 日期 : 2024年3月23日至24日 (星期六和星期日) 時間:上午10:00 時至下午6:00 時 導師:Shirlyn Wright 語言:英語及粵語現場翻譯 費用:港幣4,200 元正 📍 報名資格:此課程僅開放給已完成寶石和脈輪意識 (入門課) 的學員 📌 報名:WhatsApp +852-9818 9341 【Divine Consciousness Chakra Healing: Gemstone Color Vibrational Healing Of The Major 25 Chakras (I)】 Have you wondered: What are the memories stored in your chakras? Which specific ones need healing and can help answer your “big life” questions? Which chakras allow you to tap into the infinite happiness and possibilities that you have? Which chakras empower you to overcome your current situations? Which ones provide insight for understanding your purpose here? Divine Consciousness Chakra Healing is a spiritual healing modality founded by Shirlyn Wright, focusing on the 25 major chakras vibrating in our physical body. More: In this class you will learn: ✨ The positions and purposes of the 25 major chakras, and the symbols associated with each. ✨ The colors, gemstones and symbols that can heal and lift the vibration of the chakras. ✨ To do a healing and balancing gemstone layout for a client and yourself physically and spiritually ✨ How to use the Inner Wheels to understand discordant energies that limit and the positive energies that balance the chakras. Each participant will receive: ✷ Handouts for 25 chakra and body positions ✷ Gem Elixir for day of the week you were born ✷ Surprise crystal/gemstone Dates: 23 - 24 March, 2024 (Sat - Sun) Time: 10 am to 6 pm Teacher: Shirlyn Wright Language: English and Cantonese Live Translation Fees : HK$4,200 📍 Enrollment requirement: Participants must have completed Gemstone and Chakra Consciousness (Introduction) 📌 Register via WhatsApp +852-9818 9341

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