Inner Dreamer 內在夢想家

Life Mission/Purpose/Meaning & Dreams 人生使命/目標/意義 與 夢想

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This brand new "Inner" Mindful Series is designed to give you the tools to help you and your clients navigate different aspects of life after a clearing. This Series focuses on providing practical assignments/exercises for daily use and when we are facing a challenge moment such as a break up or when we need more confidence to start a new career. Each workshop is customized for a different life situation or topic. For each workshop, participants will receive an Inner Kit filled with assignments and tools that, when implemented, will act as a step-by-step application guide or map you can apply when needed. We will explore: ⭐ How to understand and consciously change limiting emotions and patterns of a specific challenge/topic ⭐ Mental, emotional, physical causes associated with the challenge (e.g. common thinking patterns, habits, stages & cycles etc.) ⭐ Assignments, tools, applications and suggestions on how to consciously release these and create inner-powerful routines and mindsets. ⭐ Tips on self-assessment, -reflection, -exploration and -acceptance ⭐ How to ask the right ‘why, where, what, when and how’ questions of yourself to better explore, understand, release, accept, and have faith in yourself and abilities ⭐ Mindful activities and techniques (e.g. Meditation, Affirmations, Role-Play etc.) 📌 Time: 1pm - 5 pm Teacher: Shirlyn Wright Language: English and Translate in Cantonese Fees:HKD$650/per class Remarks: Participants will receive an Inner Kit. Everyone is welcome to join! 全新「Inner 內在」 正念課程旨在為你提供療癒工具,幫助你或你的客戶在SRT清理後駕馭生活中的各方面。本系列側重於提供實用的作業/練習,以供我們和客戶在日常生活中/面臨挑戰時使用(例如:分手過後、需要更多信心開展新事業時)。 每個工作坊針對不同的生活處境或主題而定制。參加者將收到一個裝滿作業和療癒工具的「Inner Kit 內在工具箱」,作為面對挑戰時逐步使用的指南或地圖。 我們將探索: ⭐ 如何理解並有意識地改變有關特定挑戰/主題的限制性情緒和模式 ⭐ 與特定挑戰/主題相關的心理、情感、身體訊號(例如:常見的思維模式、習慣、階段和周期等) ⭐ 作業/練習、工具、應用方式和建議,使你或客戶更有意識地釋放挑戰,並創建內在強大的生活規律和思維 ⭐ 有關自我評估、自我反思、自我探索和自我接受的小建議 ⭐ 如何正確地發問「為何(Why)、何地(Where)、何事(What)、何時(When)、及如何(How)」的問題,以探索、理解、釋放、接受並相信自己/自己的能力 ⭐ 正念活動和技巧(例如:冥想、肯定語、角色扮演等) 📌 時間 : 1:00 - 5:00 pm 導師 : Shirlyn Wright 語言 : 英語及粵語翻譯 費用 : 每堂港幣650元 備註:參加者將收到一個「Inner Kit 內在工具箱」。歡迎任何有興趣人士報名!

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