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Intro to Gemstone & Chakra Consciousness

  • Ended
  • 1,800 Hong Kong dollars
  • 93 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Service Description

Gemstones are powerful and playful tools we can use to balance and heal our bodies as well as enhance our abilities to attract what we want in our lives. Chakras energize our bodies and can access information stored at the spiritual level about who we are, why we are here, and how best to support ourselves. In this class, you will learn about... 💎 The different energies and functions of gemstones 💎 How to set your highest intentions and select gemstones to intensify your intentions 💎 How to connect them with your chakras and the natural elements 💎 How to activate your gemstones and attune them with you and your intentions using a Native American technique 💎 Colors vibrations as part of crystal healing and chakra balancing: how to become immersed in a particular color to maximize its impact on your body 📌 Date: 26 Aug 2023 (Saturday) Time: 10 am to 5 pm Teacher: Shirlyn Wright Language: English and Translate in Cantonese Fees: HK$1,800 ✨ Each student will receive a set of gemstones 寶石/水晶是有趣強大的工具,可用來平衡和療癒身體,增強吸引生活中所想的能力。脈輪為我們的肉身提供能量,能連結儲存於靈性層面的信息:我們是誰?我們為什麼在這裡?什麼是支持自己的最佳方式? 在寶石和脈輪意識入門課中,你將學會: 💎 各種晶石的能量和功效 💎 設定你的最高意向,選擇合適的晶石來加強意向 💎 將晶石與你的脈輪和自然元素連接起來 💎 以美國原住民的方式激活晶石,使它與你和你的意向一致 💎 顏色振頻在水晶療癒和脈輪平衡的作用:如何沉浸在特定色頻中,以提高它對身體的影響 📌 日期:2023年8月26日(星期六) 時間:上午10點至下午5點 導師: Shirlyn Wright 語言: 英語及粵語翻譯 費用 :HK$1,800 ✨每位學生將獲贈一套晶石 If you are interested, please kindly register with us by WhatsApp (852) 9818 9341 ( or email: **Copyright Secret of Bliss 2021. All Right Reserved. 版權所有,翻印必究。

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  • 93 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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