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SRT Advanced Class 靈性反應療法【進階】課程

Total 3 Days

  • Starts Oct 18
  • 7,000 Hong Kong dollars
  • Secret of Bliss

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靈性反應療法【進階】課程為期 3 天 此課程將涵蓋: 💡 複習基礎課概念 • 重溫 SRT 基本概念和前世/其他世搜尋的程序 • 確保與高我之間的連結清晰 • 重溫並進一步實踐 SRT 療癒原則 💡 進階圖表程式 • 清理 SRT 進階圖表上的程式 • 開始有意識地運用能量來預防程式 💡 為其他人進行清理 • 學習為他人/客戶進行有效清理 • 與他人/客戶合作時的操守準則 💡 SRT 全面清理 • 學習為自己和他人進行 SRT 全面清理,識別和清理生命中最主要的限制性模式/信念/阻礙。 💡 腦細胞重組 • 以正面模式取代存在於腦部中的負面程式 • 靈魂進入胚胎時被直接下載到腦部的負面陳述句 • 對今生人與事的關聯所產生的執念 💡 內在小孩進程 • 學習如何推展內在小孩的年齡,搜尋及清理預設的意外、疾病、阿茲海默症 (老人癡呆症) 和腦退化等。 日期:2024年 10月18-20日 (星期五至日) 時間:9:30am 至 6:00pm 導師:Shirlyn Wright 語言:英語 及 廣東話即場翻譯 費用:HK$7,000 (重讀:畢業學員可享半價優惠) 教材:• 講義 • 進階課程完整圖表 • Robert Detzler 著作《Soul Re-creation》 ⭐ 此課程僅開放給已完成SRT【基礎】課程的學員。 ⭐ 成功完成課程的學員,將獲頒SRA認證證書。 📌 報名:WhatsApp +852-9818 9341 Spiritual Response Therapy: Advanced is a three-day course. This course will cover: 💡 Basic Course Review • review SRT basic concepts and past/other life research procedure • maintain a clear connection with High Self • review and work with an expanded understanding of SRT healing principles 💡 SRT Advanced Charts • clear programs on SRT Advanced Charts • begin to manage conscious mind energies to prevent programs 💡 Clearing for Others • steps to effectively clear for others/clients • ethical guidelines for working with others/clients 💡 SRT Full Clearing Learn to complete an SRT Full Clearing for yourself and others, which means to identify and clear the most major limiting patterns/beliefs/obstacles in life. 💡 Brain Restructuring Replace negative patterns in the brain with positive ones • negative statements downloaded by the Soul directly into the brain when the Soul attaches to the fetus • beliefs regarding present life associations with people and events 💡 Inner Child Progression Learn how to progress the age of the inner child, which means to find and clear pre-programmed accidents, illnesses, Alzheimer's disease and dementia etc. Dates: Oct 18 - 20, 2024 (Fri-Sun) Time: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm Teacher: Shirlyn Wright Language: English and Translate in Cantonese Fees:HKD 7,000 (Retake graduates can enjoy a 50% discount) Course Material: • Handouts • Advanced Class complete charts • Robert Detzler’s “Soul Re-creation” book ⭐ Participants are required to have successfully completed the Basic Class of Spiritual Response Therapy. ⭐ Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate issued by the SRA. 📌 Reigster via WhatsApp +852-9818 9341

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  • +852-9818 9341

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