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SRT Basic Class 靈性反應療法【基礎】課程

Total 3 Days

  • Starts Jul 26
  • 6,400 Hong Kong dollars
  • Secret of Bliss

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靈性反應療法(SRT) 是一套由 Robert E. Detzler 於1988年創立的靈性療癒系統,運作於靈性和潛意識層面,旨在釋放任何阻礙你幸福快樂的不和諧能量。 SRT 能夠快速搜尋你的潛意識/靈魂紀錄(阿卡西紀錄),找出引發今生靈性、心理、情緒和身體挑戰的根本原因(或涉及前世的經驗累積),並「清理 clear」影響著你生活各個層面的障礙:人際關係、職業、健康、情緒和整體福祉等。 靈性反應療法【基礎】課程為期 3 天。 課程設計確保所有學生有足夠時間向老師學習及提問,更充分地發揮個人潛能。 你將學習SRT的療癒原則及如何: 💡 使用靈擺 💡 與你的高我/直覺溝通 💡 識別和釋放潛意識的障礙 💡 識別和釋放來自前世的負面/不和諧能量 💡 清理13個基本程式 💡 識別你的靈魂家庭 (雙生焰、焰伴和靈魂伴侶) 💡 使關係更和諧 💡 打破不和諧的循環模式 💡 找到內心方向,以更積極且建設性的方式生活 日期:2024年 7月26日至28日 (星期五、六和星期日) 時間:上午9:30 時至下午6:00 導師:Shirlyn Wright 語言:英語 及 廣東話即場翻譯 費用:港幣6,400 元 (重讀:畢業學員可享半價優惠) 教材:• 講義 • 基礎課程完整圖表 • Robert Detzler 著作《The Freedom Path》 ⭐ 成功完成課程的學員,將獲頒SRA認證證書。 📌 WhatsApp 報名: +852-9818 9341 Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a quick and powerful healing technique developed by Robert E. Detzler in 1988. It works on the spiritual and subconscious level to release discordant energies that act as barriers to your overall happiness and well-being. SRT researches the subconscious mind and soul (Akashic) records to quickly identify the root causes of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical challenges, which may have accumulated over lifetimes, and “clears" blocks that negatively impact different aspects of your life: relationships, career, health, emotions, and overall well-being etc. Spiritual Response Therapy: Basic is a three-day course. It is designed to ensure that all students have access to the teacher and their personal potential. In this class, you will understand the principles of SRT, and gain valuable knowledge in how to: 💡 Use a pendulum 💡 Communicate with your High Self/Intuition 💡 Identify and release subconscious blocks 💡 Identify and release negative/discordant energies from past lives 💡 Clear the basic thirteen programs 💡 Identify your soul family (twin flames, flame mates, soul mates) 💡 Harmonize relationships 💡 Break cycles of disharmony 💡 Help yourself find inner direction, and support your life in more positive and constructive ways Dates: 26 - 28 July 2024 (Friday to Sunday) Time: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm Teacher: Shirlyn Wright Language: English and Cantonese live translation Fees: HKD 6,400 (Retake graduates can enjoy a 50% discount) Course Material: • Handouts • Basic Class complete charts • Robert Detzler’s “The Freedom Path” book ⭐ Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate issued by the SRA. 📌 Register via Whatsapp: +852-9818 9341

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  • +852-9818 9341

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