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⭐WELCOME 2023 WITH AN SRT GROUP CLEARING⭐ We are entering a Seven Year (2+0+2+3) vibration representing physical completion and attainment. The number 7 brings out the vibrations of inner-knowing, self-analysis, persistence, leading to the actual manifestation and accomplishment of goals. In 2023, a more expanded side of your self will emerge, along with a clearer awareness of how you want to live your life, what boundaries you want to set, and how you want to bring your ideas into fruition. This Yearly Clearing will focus on clearing the group’s programs blocking each of us from being patient with ourselves, going with the flow, and using 2023’s energies for opportunities and possibilities to support the attainment of your new year’s plans. Shirlyn will do a 20-minute focus clearing on each of the six important life areas: ❤️ Love Relationships ❤️ Love of Self/Self Confidence ❤️ Health ❤️ Career/Work ❤️ Mental/Emotion/Physical Balance ❤️ Wealthy/Prosperity/Value Everyone is welcome to participate! You can sign up for yourself, your family, or your friends. Please provide their names. 🗓 December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) ⏰ 2hours Group Clearing 🖥️ An audio recording will be sent by the end of the day. You do not need to attend in person. 💰 HK$495/per person 💽 Languages: English with Cantonese Translation ✨ Each participant will receive ONE Creative Power Symbol Pillow ✨ [Studio Pick-up or S.F. Cash On Delivery] ⭐迎接2023: SRT團體清理⭐ 我們正進入 7 的頻率 (2+0+2+3),代表物質世界的圓滿和實現。 7 這個數字帶來內在知曉、自我分析、堅持不懈的振動,令目標得以顯化和完成。 在 2023 年,你將展現出更廣闊的自我,更清楚意識到自己想怎樣過生活、設定什麼界限以及如何實現想法。 這次的 《SRT團體清理》將重點清理阻礙大家實現和完成新一年計劃的程式,使你有耐性對待自己,順其自然,利用2023的能量尋找機遇和可能性。 Shirlyn 將針對以下六個重要的領域,為每項進行 20 分鐘的重點清理: ❤️ 愛的關係 ❤️ 愛自己/自信 ❤️ 健康 ❤️ 事業/工作 ❤️ 精神/情感/身體平衡 ❤️ 豐裕/富足/價值 歡迎所有有興趣參加人士。你可以為自己、家人或朋友報名,只需提供他們的姓名即可。 🗓 2022 年 12 月 28 日 (星期三) ⏰ 2小時的團體清理 🖥️ 錄音將在當晚提供 (你無需親自出席) 💰 每人港幣495元 💽 英語及粵語翻譯
 ✨ 參加者將獲得 Creative Power Symbol 枕頭一個 ✨ [ 可於Secret of Bliss取貨 或 代安排順豐速運到付] Copyright©️Secret of Bliss 2022-2023. All Right Reserved. 版權所有,翻印必究。

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