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White Sage
  • White Sage (Rose Petals) - align and balance all seven chakras; increase vitality; blessings of divine love, romance, happiness; good for relationships and self-love.
  • White Sage (Lavender) - open your heart; restore tranquility and harmony; release fear of abandonment.
  • White Sage (Sweetgrass) - known as the hair of Mother Earth; promote sweetness, wonder, and healing.
  • White Sage (Dragon's Blood) - amplify intentions, inner powers, protection; good for the root chakra; grounding; ground love with trust & security.
  • White Sage - uplift and improve moods; purify your aura; good for setting intentions and New Moon rituals.

White Sage

  • Smudging has been used in cultural, traditional, tribal spiritual ceremonies for centuries. It is the process of using sacred smoke to cleanse and purify. Common uses and benefits include: energy cleansing for space/object/person/aura; expelling evil spirits; repelling insects; protection; releasing and eliminating stress, negative energies, suppressed emotions; inviting inner peace and calmness; connecting to the Divine and Self.


    *Use with caution during pregnancy or when nursing; for patients with asthma or any respiratory disease.
    *Keep away from flammable materials when smudging.

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