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Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a quick and powerful healing technique developed by Robert E. Detzler in 1988. It works on the spiritual and subconscious level to release discordant energies that act as barriers to your overall happiness and well-being.

SRT researches the subconscious mind and soul (Akashic) records to quickly identify the root causes of your spiritual/mental/emotional/physical challenges, which may have accumulated over lifetimes, and “clears” blocks that negatively impact different aspects of your life: relationships, career, health, emotions, and overall well-being etc. In the clearing process, these blocks are replaced with loving, supportive energies and beliefs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How is such research conducted? What tools are needed?

This “research,” which includes finding past life energies, subconscious blocks, and negative soul programming, is accomplished with the help of higher guidance (your “High Self”).


Everyone has a High Self, a soul or committee that knows everything about you and was assigned to help support and plan your life! SRT practitioners establish a connection with your High Self, which serves as a guiding force throughout the research and clearing process, directing us to the areas that require clearing and healing. 


A pendulum is used as a movement amplifier and pointer as we communicate with your High Self using a special set of charts.


Why is it important to research and identify the root causes of our challenges?

Unresolved root causes can have a ripple effect, impacting various aspects of an individual’s life. Researching the root helps us address core issues, not just surface symptoms, so we can effectively release accumulated blocks and energies hindering your well-being.  


Understanding root causes also empowers you with valuable insights into the patterns, thoughts, and energies that shape your experiences, allowing you to consciously replace limiting beliefs with positive transformation.


Root causes may include:

  • A deep-seated fear of failure or success

  • Soul memories leading to low self-esteem and self-worth

  • Limiting beliefs blocking abundance and financial success

  • Past-life traumas manifest as present body pains or allergies

  • Soul contracts or agreements influencing your current challenges

  • Subconscious programming attracting unfaithful partners

  • Unresolved grief resulting from significant losses in one’s life

  • Emotional wounds or attachments with specific individuals

  • Negative motivation leading to frequent illnesses

  • Self-punishment tendencies arising from unresolved past experiences

  • Inner conflicts between personal desires and societal expectations

  • Vows of self-sacrifice or abdication of personal power

  • etc.


What are the different types of SRT clearing? 

Full Clearing and Topic Clearing.

Full Clearing is performed in your first session. After a Full Clearing, you are free to live your life as you choose, with full access to your gifts, abilities, guidance, and opportunities to create the life you desire. During a Full Clearing, we work on:

  • Major Limiting Programs: All of your major limiting patterns/beliefs/blocks will be identified, cleared, and replaced with love. You are then realigned with your infinite wisdom and understanding.

  • Inner Child Progression: We will clear present life mental and emotional blocks that you experienced that are limiting the expression of your talents and abilities.

  • Brain Restructuring: We will replace negative patterns and statements that you’ve made up to four years of age—which limit your brain’s optimal functioning—with positive statements that become your new vibration in life. As a result, you will find learning easier, develop a different attitude toward life, and experience heightened intuition.

Topic Clearings address specific challenges, issues, or topics that you wish to focus on. During the clearing, we will explore various angles, questions, and obstacles related to the chosen topic or aspect of your life.


Who needs SRT?

Whether you are facing challenges or seeking to nurture specific aspects of yourself, SRT addresses the full spectrum of your existence. It provides support and healing for every dimension of life:


  • Love and Relationships

  • Financial Abundance and Prosperity

  • Physical Health and Well-being

  • Self-Love and Self-Esteem

  • Physical/Emotional/Mental/Spiritual/Personal Endeavors or Goals

  • Interpersonal Relationship Conflicts and Challenges

  • Career and Professional Growth

  • Fears or Phobias

  • Motivation and Productivity

  • Mental and Emotional Balance

  • Grief and Loss

  • Forgiveness and Releasing Resentments

  • Communication and Self-Expression

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Personalized Diet and Lifestyle

  • Addictions, Drug Use, and Escapism

  • Anxiety and Stress Management

  • School and Learning Limitations

  • Healing Past or Childhood Traumas

  • Life Purpose and Direction and Major Transitions

  • Spiritual Awakening and Connection

  • Intimacy and Sexuality

  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation

  • Creativity and Inspiration

  • Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

  • Enhancing Intuition and Psychic Abilities

  • Self-Discovery and Personal Transformation

  • etc.


Can we use SRT with animals?

Of course!

Animals, like humans, can carry energetic imbalances, traumas, or unresolved issues from their past experiences. SRT can help animals experience greater physical/emotional/mental health and harmony, strengthening the bond with their humans and/or other life forces, fostering mutual understanding and support.



Can SRT be used to clear a space of negative energies or entities?




Can I use SRT to predict the future?

SRT does not predict or determine an individual’s future. The future we experience is a product of our ongoing creation (our thoughts, actions, and choices) and, as such, cannot be predicted.


SRT empowers us to consciously shape the future by aligning our choices and actions with our true desires. By aligning, allowing, and actively embracing possibilities that resonate with our cleared energy, we create the space and conditions for positive outcomes to enter our lives.



Does SRT guarantee success in a romantic relationship with a particular person or getting a specific job?

Nope. SRT does not control or manipulate the free will of others.


Through SRT, you can clear any personal limitations or resistance that may hinder your ability to attract and receive positive experiences, enabling you to be fully open to attracting a specific relationship/opportunity or one that exceeds your expectations. However, SRT primarily focuses on clearing and healing aspects within yourself, rather than directly influencing external circumstances or individuals. The outcome depends on various factors, including your openness, alignment, and the choices made by the other parties involved. 



Can an SRT clearing be conducted remotely or without my physical presence?




What happens after an SRT clearing?

After an SRT clearing, individuals often experience a range of positive energies. They become attuned to a heightened frequency, which helps generate a harmonious energetic resonance, attracting favorable experiences and opportunities.


They may feel lighter, as if a burden has been lifted, and gain a new perspective on their challenges. Clarity and increased awareness can emerge, helping them understand themselves better and make more informed decisions. They may also develop a solution-oriented mindset, fostering problem-solving abilities. The clearing can renew energy and vitality, contributing to an overall sense of well-being and motivation. Additionally, emotional healing may occur, leading to inner peace and a greater sense of wholeness.


How many sessions do I need?

Many experience noticeable effects after just one session. Some challenges may require multiple sessions or ongoing clearing work to fully resolve, while others may be addressed more swiftly.


It is also important to remember that personal growth is a continuous journey, and new challenges or issues may be triggered over time. Regular self-reflection and utilizing SRT as needed can help you navigate and address these challenges effectively. 

SRT: What We Offer

What We Offer

SRT Certification Courses, Classes, and Meetings (in-person/remote)

  • Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) - Basic

  • Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) - Advanced

  • Professional Training Program

  • Monthly Meetings & Demos

  • Review Class

  • Chart 3 Class 

  • Spiritual Level Charts

  • Animal & Pet


SRT Group Clearing

  • Group Clearing - New Moon

  • Group Clearing - Monthly Clearing and Goal-setting

  • Group Clearing - End-of-year Clearing


SRT Private Session by Shirlyn Wright

  • 1-on-1 SRT Clearing (in-person or remote) 

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