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SRT Meeting and Demo

  • Starts Nov 21
  • 280 Hong Kong dollars
  • Secret of Bliss

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透過【SRT會議和示範】,參加者有機會親身體驗和觀察 SRT 溝通藝術的精髓,進一步磨練他們實踐 SRT 的技巧,從而提升自信心和熟練度。 SRT Meeting and Demo highlights the importance of firsthand experience and observation in mastering the art of SRT communication. It enables participants to gain confidence and proficiency in their SRT practice. 在會議期間,參加者透過觀察Shirlyn和其他學員的清理示範,理解和掌握如何迅速有效地整合SRT理論,自信地向客戶解釋、教授和拆解各種不同的清理概念和內容。 During the meeting, participants have the opportunity to observe clearing demonstrations by Shirlyn and other students, which play a crucial role in the learning process. The focus is on integrating SRT theories swiftly and effectively, equipping participants with the skills to confidently explain, teach, and break down SRT concepts and clearings for their clients. 取決於會議的主題... 1️⃣ Shirlyn 將示範全面清理/主題清理的過程,展示清理特定主題所需的步驟、問題和角度, 並透過實例分享寶貴見解和有效的技巧。我們亦會鼓勵學員在會議中進行清理演示。 或 2️⃣ 1-3 位學員將有機會教授和解釋特定的 SRT 概念,並分享他們的知識。Shirlyn 和其他學員將給予建設性的回饋和支持,引領大家建立屬於自己的 SRT 詮釋風格。 過程中,我們不僅會了解 SRT 諮詢的藝術和技巧,還會釐清對某些概念的常見誤解和困惑。 Depending on the meeting’s theme... 1️⃣ Shirlyn will take the lead in demonstrating a Full Clearing/Topic Clearing process, guiding participants through each step, question, and angle necessary for successful clearing of a specific topic. By incorporating practical examples, she will provide valuable insights and effective techniques to enhance understanding. Additionally, students will be encouraged to perform their own clearing demonstrations. OR 2️⃣ 1-3 participants will be given the chance to teach and explain a specific SRT concept and share their knowledge. Shirlyn and the others will offer constructive feedback and support so each participant can cultivate their unique style of explaining SRT. The objective is not only to acquire the art and skills of SRT consultation but also to address common misconceptions and confusion surrounding certain concepts. 日期 Dates: 💡 18 July, 2024 (Thursday) 💡 26 Sept, 2024 (Thursday) 💡 21 Nov, 2024 (Thursday) ‣ 時間 Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm ‣ 主題 Topic:待定 (tbc) ‣ 語言 Languages: 英語及粵語實時翻譯 (Eng with Cantonese live translation) ‣ 每人費用 Fee:HK$280/per person ‣ 形式 Format:現場 In-Person / 線上 Zoom ⟡ 形式將在會議前3天確認。 ⟡ Format will be confirmed 3 days before the meeting. 📍 報名資格:參加者必須已完成靈性反應療法(SRT)的基礎課程 📍 Enrollment requirement: Participants must have already completed the Basic Class of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

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