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Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR)

Divine Consciousness Chakra Healing

SRT vs Spr

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a quick and accurate spiritual healing technique that helps you remove blocks that prevent you from living a happier life. SRT works on a spiritual level to help eliminate spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical challenges. Although a spiritual healing method it can enhance all areas of life.


SRT is a system of researching the subconscious mind and soul records to quickly find and release the discordant, limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs. SRT provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of our inner and outer lives, enabling us to live our lives more freely. This “research,” which is accomplished with the help of higher guidance (your “High Self”), includes finding past life energies, subconscious blocks, and negative soul programming. Once identified, these blocks and negative energies can be cleared from the subconscious, soul (Akashic) records, allowing you to heal yourself on all levels. SRT was developed by Robert E. Detzler, and has been used by thousands of students since 1988.

With Spiritual Response Therapy, you use your muscle responses to bypass your conscious mind and negative programming to connect with subconscious and your guidance within. A pendulum is used as a movement amplifier and pointer as you communicate with your High Self using a special set of charts. You can replace old programs with positive energy and inner peace. The result of this work has assisted thousands of people to live clearer, more joyful lives.

SRT can clear past lives and negative energies that are keeping you from attaining your highest expression! Robert Detzler’s books The Freedom Path and Soul Re-Creation, in addition to the SRT Basic and Advanced classes, teach you to use SRT to research and clear those negative energies and blocking memories. You will learn about twin flames, communicating with your High Self, and developing your cosmic potential. We have teachers all around the globe.

Spiritual Response Association

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR)

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) is a holistic healing system designed to bring together our spiritual and physical aspects, focusing on both spiritual and physical adjustments to release hidden stress and trauma, allowing each part of our body to be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically aligned and harmonious.

Our body, the physical vehicle of SPIRIT, contains not only the knowledge, wisdom, and light of the Universe, but also memories and wounds that manifest as different physical challenges, imbalances, allergies, or pains.

SpR corrects imbalances of the body and establishes greater health. SpR can test and correct muscle imbalances and allows the bones, tissues, glands, and organs to return to their proper positions. It can release stressful body memories from past lives, including psychic wounds and programs that are held in the body.

More on SRT and SpR clearing sessions:


Divine Consciousness Chakra Healing

Divine Consciousness Chakra Healing is a spiritual healing modality founded by Shirlyn Wright, focusing on the 25 major chakras vibrating in our physical body. 17 years ago, Shirlyn channeled the names, meanings, colors, and purposes of 18 of the chakras originally discovered by Robert E. Detzler.


If we are to embrace the notion that we are Spiritual Beings inhabiting a physical body, then we must also embrace the idea that we actually have expansive multi-dimensional inputs within the physical body that empower and drive our everyday physical experiences.


What are the memories stored in your chakras? Which specific ones need healing and can help answer your “big life” questions? Which chakras allow you to tap into the infinite happiness and possibilities that you have? Which chakras empower you to overcome your current situations? Which ones provide insight for understanding your purpose here?


Schedule a session to discover the story contained in your chakras!

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