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Manifestation (Chakra Set)

8-pc Chakra Gemstone Set: Manifestation


♡ Crown chakra - tibetan quartz (protection)

♡ Third eye chakra - sugilite (brings order to manifestation)

♡ Throat chakra - chrysocolla (déjà vu, remembrance)

♡ Heart chakra - ruby (passion, patience)

♡ Heart chakra - labradorite (change, perseverance)

♡ Solar plexus chakra - jade (balance)

♡ Sacral chakra - carnelian (creativity, fun-loving)

♡ Root chakra - jet (protection, release)


* Lovingly packaged in a luxurious gift box with magnetic closing lids
* Gemstones are natural and vary in sizes!

Manifestation (Chakra Set)

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