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Herb Sticks
  • Cedar - connect to higher spirituality; ward off negative spirits and energies; good for blessing a new house or office.
  • Copal - cleanse your aura; bring positive change; restore balance and harmony; reduce anxiety.
  • Juniper - masculine energy; good for manifestation and blessing transitions and new ventures; ignite motivation and energy.
  • Pine - attract wealth and prosperity; promote confidence and perseverance.
  • Rosemary - clarity of mind; mental alertness and concentration; intuition and inspiration.

Herb Sticks

  • Smudging has been used in cultural, traditional, tribal spiritual ceremonies for centuries. It is the process of using sacred smoke to cleanse and purify. Common uses and benefits include: energy cleansing for space/object/person/aura; expelling evil spirits; repelling insects; protection; releasing and eliminating stress, negative energies, suppressed emotions; inviting inner peace and calmness; connecting to the Divine and Self.


    *Use with caution during pregnancy or when nursing; for patients with asthma or any respiratory disease.
    *Keep away from flammable materials when smudging.

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