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2024 SRT Professional Training Program

清理效能、注意力、專注力和目標實現 Clearing Effectiveness, Concentration, Focus, and Reaching Your Goals

  • Starts Aug 28
  • 900 Hong Kong dollars
  • Secret of Bliss

Available spots


【SRT專業培訓計劃】強調專業性,旨在教導學員如何以更深入、更全面、更有效的方式應用SRT清理技巧,處理各種挑戰和主題。在3小時的課堂中,Shirlyn會詳細解說清理每個主題的多元角度/觀點、問題和具體步驟,並進行清理示範和分享為客戶處理各主題的經驗。透過專業的學習和實踐,學員能夠提升清理水平,獲得更有成效的結果。 除了課堂錄音外,我們將提供PPT 講義。 Professionalism is a key focus of the SRT Professional Training Program. Each class is designed to examine clearing a specific challenge or theme, educating participants on how to approach it in a more in-depth, comprehensive, and effective manner.During a 3-hour class, Shirlyn will provide detailed explanations of the various angles/perspectives, questions, and specific steps needed to clear the topic. She will also do demos and share her experiences in clearing the topic for clients. By actively pursuing professional learning and applying the acquired knowledge, participants can enhance their SRT clearing proficiency and attain more productive results. In addition to the class recording, each participant will also receive PPT handouts. 📙 日期&清理主題 (Dates & Clearing Topics): ✍🏻 June 19, 2024 (星期三 Wed) 清理性吸引力和關係的演變過程 Clearing Sexual Chemistry And The Evolutionary Process of Relationships ✍🏻 July 24, 2024 (星期三 Wed) 清理所有類型的投資 Clearing All Types of Investments ✍🏻 August 28, 2024 (星期三 Wed) 清理效能、注意力、專注力和目標實現 Clearing Effectiveness, Concentration, Focus, and Reaching Your Goals ✍🏻 September 11, 2024 (星期三 Wed) 清理負面的自我觀點,以達到自我實現 Clearing Negative Perspectives of Self To Reach Self Actualization ✍🏻 October 16, 2024 (星期三 Wed) 清理背叛和痛苦的經歷 Clearing The Experiences of Betrayal and Bitterness ✍🏻 November 27, 2024 (星期三 Wed) 清理家庭關係的負面影響 Clearing The Negative Effects of Familial Relationships ✍🏻 December 11, 2024 (星期三 Wed) 清理在所有情況下展現創造力和創造性思維的阻礙 Blocks To Creativity and Creative Thinking In All Situations *** 時間 : 晚上7時至10時 導師: Shirlyn Wright 語言: 英語及粵語實時翻譯 費用:每節課程為港幣 $ 900 形式:現場 / Zoom 線上 / 音檔 ⟡ 形式將在課堂前3天確認。 📌 每位學員將取得課堂音檔 + 講義。 📌 報讀資格 : 此課程僅開放給已完成SRT基礎課程的學員。 Time: 7 pm - 10 pm Teacher: Shirlyn Wright Languages: English with Cantonese live translation Fees : HK$900/per class Format:Secret of Bliss / Zoom / Recording ⟡ Format will be confirmed 3 days before the class. 📌 Participants will receive Class Recording and Handouts. 📌 Enrollment requirement: Participants must have completed the BASIC Class of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).

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