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Bliss Healing Circle (FREE)

Bliss療癒圈 (費用全免)

  • Starts Oct 31
  • 280 Hong Kong dollars
  • Secret of Bliss

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Bliss療癒圈 旨在為 SRT 執行師提供一個療癒空間,讓大家共同發揮集體清理的力量,為個人、人類、地球和整個宇宙創造正面影響! 我們將定期舉辦清理聚會,專注於清理與社會、社區和世界事件/挑戰相關的主題。 Bliss Healing Circle provides a healing space for SRT practitioners to harness the power of collective clearing, and to create positive impact within themselves, humanity, the Earth, and the universe as a whole! These regular clearing gatherings focus on themes related to social, community, and global events/challenges. 每個人都帶著獨特的觀點和見解,從不同角度、面向、視野和方向為同一主題進行清理。透過與其他 SRT 執行師的交流和連結,我們亦能加強和發展更全面和綜合的清理技巧。 Everyone brings in their own unique viewpoint and insight, approaching the same theme from different angles, aspects, perspectives, and directions. Through communicating and connecting with fellow practitioners, we can also enhance and develop more comprehensive and integrated SRT clearing techniques. ✨流程 1️⃣ Shirlyn將講解當晚主題的靈性和物質意義,並提供簡單的清理指引和核心方向,以幫助大家更有效地處理和釋放與該主題相關的能量。 2️⃣ 參加者可以分享對主題的想法和個人經驗,啟發彼此從不同角度進行清理。 3️⃣ 集體清理:大家共同就當晚主題進行SRT清理。 4️⃣ 參加者/Shirlyn 將分享在清理和搜尋過程中發現的內容,並整合當中重覆出現過的重要模式和洞察。 ✨What will happen 1️⃣ Shirlyn will explore the deeper spiritual and physical significance behind the night's topic and provide simple directions/core questions to effectively address and clear it. 2️⃣ Practitioners can share their thoughts and personal experiences regarding the night's topic, drawing inspiration from each other to approach the clearing from various angles. 3️⃣ COLLECTIVE CLEARING: We will clear the topic together as a group. 4️⃣ Practitioners/Shirlyn will share their findings and experience from the clearing, and integrate important patterns and insights that showed up repeatedly. 📌 日期 Dates: 15 Feb, 2024 (Thurs) 25 April, 2024 (Thurs) <cancelled> 25 June, 2024 (Tue) <updated> 29 Aug, 2024 (Thurs) 31 Oct, 2024 (Thurs) 26 Dec, 2024 (Thurs) 時間 Time:7:30 - 9:00 pm 主持 Facilitator:Shirlyn Wright 語言 Languages:English + 粵語即場翻譯 地點 Venue:Secret of Bliss / Zoom 主題 Topics: 將稍後公佈 Will be announced later 備註: - 參加者必須已完成SRT基本課程 - 參加者必須自備SRT圖表和靈擺/清理工具 ❗鑑於場地空間有限,如果座位已滿,我們將在參加者報名時通知需透過Zoom參與。 Remarks: - Participants must have already completed the Basic Class of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). - Participants are required to bring their own SRT charts and pendulum/clearing tool. ❗Due to limited seating availability, we will inform participants upon registration that they will need to join via Zoom.

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  • +852-9818 9341

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