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SRT Monthly Clearing & Goal-Setting


  • Starts Dec 1
  • 100 Hong Kong dollars
  • Secret of Bliss

Available spots


新的月份象徵著新的開始,是反思、定義或鞏固目標的絕佳時機。當你明確規劃每月在情感、心理、身體和靈性層面上的目標和優先次序,你就能夠為自己顯化一段新的旅程。 The beginning of each month is the perfect opportunity for you to reflect, define, or solidify your goals.When you gain clarity on what you strive to achieve and prioritize emotionally/ mentally/ physically/ spiritually each month, you get to manifest a new journey feeling self-empowered. 2024年是充滿積極變革和豐盛機遇的八年(2+0+2+4)。數字8代表靈性和物質的能量展現,形似無限符號(∞),是能量循環的通道:我們克服困難、迎來勝利、茁壯成長、重新展開循環。 2024 is an “8” year (2+0+2+4). The number 8 represents the expression of spiritual and physical energy, and resembles the symbol of infinity (∞)as it has recycling paths of energy: We overcome, become victorious, prosper, and begin this cycle again. 每月初,Shirlyn將安排團體清理,專注: ✨ 清理每月主題和能量 ✨ 釋放不和諧能量、釋放阻礙你發揮潛力和連結新月份可能性的能量 ✨ 設定每月意向:協助你反思、看清和肯定自己的成就,並決定新月份要專注的心態和目標 In the beginning of each month, Shirlyn will do group clearings focusing on: ✨ clearing the Monthly Theme and Energy ✨ releasing discordant energies that block you from accessing your potential and the opportunities that the new month has to offer ✨ setting monthly intentions: You get to reflect, recognize, and appreciate your accomplishments, and determine the mindset and goals you want to focus on in the new month. 日期和每月清理主題 DATES AND MONTHLY CLEARING TOPICS: ✍🏾 July 1, 2024 設定與生命意義相符的擴展性目標 Setting Up Expanded Objectives That Align With Your Life Meaning ✍🏾 Aug 1, 2024 當下需要採取的強大行動 Powerful Actions To Take Now ✍🏾 Sept 1, 2024 融入旅程的四大關鍵要素 Four Key Elements To Incorporate Into Your Journey ✍🏾 Oct 1, 2024 評估你的快樂指數 Assessing Your Happiness Quotient ✍🏾 Nov 1, 2024 心中未解的重要問題 Outstanding Questions In The Back Of Your Mind ✍🏾 Dec 1, 2024 分享你的進展和成就:保持喜悅 Sharing Your Progress and Accomplishments: Be In Joy 📌 Group clearings are open to all who would like to participate! Format : a 30-min audio recording will be sent before noon on the 4th day of each month. (Registration Deadline: 12:00 pm on the 3rd day of each month) Languages : English with Cantonese Translation Fees : HK $100/per participant ✨ Special Package: HK$960 for all 12 Group Clearings of the year (paid before Dec 27, 2023) ✨ Special Package: For those who sign up for all 12 Group Clearings (paid before Dec 27, 2023), you will receive one Creative Power Symbol Pillow [Studio Pick-up or S.F. Cash On Delivery]

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  • +852-9818 9341

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