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2022: SRT Monthly Meeting

① Soul Qualities

② Clearing and supporting your clients during current restrictions

③ Discussion of Chart 6A/6B terms

④ Clearing animals for: new home environment/new animals in home/finding a new home

⑤ Maintaining mental, emotional, and physical health

⑥ Space clearing and clearing for buying, selling and renting property

⑦ Clearing and supporting clients considering suicide

⑧ What to clear after a death and how to counsel family

⑨ Career and Promotion 

⑩ How to create emotional boundaries with clients


2021: SRT Monthly Meeting

① Creation and Manifestation: how to clear and plan your new year

② Using the Spiritual Healing Book and Chart 9B to deepen and expand your SRT clearings

③ Clearing COVID vaccinations and how to support your clients

④ Clearing disappointment and expectations

⑤ Demo of Full Clearing and Topic Clearing

⑥ How to do a Full Clearing and SpR for animals

⑦ How to do a Group Clearing - Part 1

⑧ How to do a Group Clearing - Part 2

⑨ SRT Consultant Application: feedback from Certification Committee regarding unsuccessful applications

⑩ How to create and focus on Clearing Intentions/Topics and SubTopics

⑪ Review of Past Life and Other Life Research and how to explain to clients

⑫ How to use SRT to make important decisions


2020: SRT Monthly Meeting

① Clearing blocks to Spiritual and Universal Generosity and Support

② Chart 8A: clearing and expressing your Inner Archetypes

③ Clearing your economy and Hong Kong’s economy

④ How to clear for and create happiness, joy and laughter NOW!

⑤ SRT and SpR for Animals / Pets

⑥ Clearing fear of the unknown

⑦ Clearing for overseas business, development and educational opportunities

⑧ Trust and neutrality in clearing for Self

⑨ Clearing isolation and apathy during social distancing

 [to be confirmed]

⑪ Discussion of Negative Motivations, Blocks, and Interference & Rebirth Conscious Mind

⑫ Clearing blocks to expressing laughter, cheerfulness, and lightness in relationships

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